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kraft paper for evaporative cooling pad and air cooler

  • kraft paper for evaporative cooling pad and air cooler
  • kraft paper for evaporative cooling pad and air cooler
  • kraft paper for evaporative cooling pad and air cooler
kraft paper for evaporative cooling pad and air cooler
  • duohui
  • China
  • 7 days
  • 1000 tons per day

1.95/105 gsm 740/1100 mm
  2.100% pure wood pulp
  3.High strength,Tensile strength,Strong water absorption,Quick water   absorption
  4.Smoothness,Uniform paper
  5.Tightness ≥ 0.52, Wet Tensile ≥ 22N, Suction Height (10 minutes) ≥ 50mm.Strong and quick water absorption
  6.Long term on the water will not reduce the paper strength, the paper will not rot, and no deformation after drying.

evaporative cooling pad

1. Kraft paper,kraft test liner,brown kraft paper, wood pulp kraft paper

2. Substance: 95gsm/105gsm ,740mm /1100mm

3. Color: Brown

4. Packing for roll or sheet

5. Feature: Moisture proof, high strengthness

6. It's commonly used for kraft paper bags, shopping hand bags,cement bags,wrapping foods and other applications

7. Material: 100%  wood pulp or mixed pulp




plastic film packaging with wooden Pallet



HS Code: 


Export Markets:

Middle East, South America, Southwest Europe, and Northwest Africa and so on.

Production Capacity:


Min. order:

18 Tons

Trade Terms:


On the basis of the red resin, Qingzhou duohui new material technology Co.,ltd  has independently developed a colorless and odorless resin. This product is more suitable for the production process of colourful cooling pad,and longer storage time,more convenient transportation.

absorbent raw paper

 Qingzhou Duohui new material technology Co.,ltd also manufacture large size evaporative cooling pad with high production efficiency and production capacity.

air cooler raw material

evaporative cooling pad

Qingzhou duohui new material technology Co.,Ltd also is the largest manufacturer of the red color resin , white color glue, and the evaporative cooling pad production line  in Qingzhou city and we provide the raw material such as resin and kraft paper for Qingzhou market and export market.

absorbent raw paper





Milky white liquid

Curing Temperature

150 ℃

Solid Content

53 %

Golden Propotion


Shelf Life

3-6 months

air cooler raw material



900 mm (H) X 600 mm (D)


210 KGS






The normal package is plastic drums.

Net weight: 200 KGS

Gross weight: 210 KGS

evaporative cooling pad

absorbent raw paper

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