1.we are an apostle of faith initially in our soul.

2.we are a manufacturer and an exporter secondly in ventilation and cooling market.

3.finally we are the lonely and strong walkers in competition.

About Us

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Type of business manufacturing and exporting
Main Market Middle east,Africa,SouthEast Asia,Iran and Iraq,Latin countries
Brand duohui
Number of Employees 1-50 People
Annual sales US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Established in 2006


Shandong Qingzhou Duohui New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“Duohui New Materials”) is located in Qingzhou, one of the “Gujiuzhou” in China. Duohui New Materials is a professional enterprise integrating emulsion, resin research and development, and scientific production and sales. A large number of experts, engineers and professional business management talents have gathered. And with a number of domestic institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions have established a good scientific and technological research and development cooperation relationship, and successively launched a variety of international standards of new emulsion varieties. It covers various functional products such as phenolic resin,  urea-formaldehyde resin, waterproof emulsion, construction emulsion, textile emulsion, packaging emulsion, auxiliary agent, water curtain production line equipment and accessories, water treatment equipment and accessories.

Multi-new materials carry the responsibility and mission, and always take the needs of customers as the direction of our efforts. Constantly strive, develop and innovate, and move toward green, environmental protection and high-tech goals. We will create a century-old enterprise and a century-old brand as our mission. We will create a century-old enterprise and a century-old brand as our mission, and we will create a multi-disciplinary, multi-scientific and cultural multi-sink. With the spirit of perseverance, we will continue to build a century-old enterprise and create a national brand.

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