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Kraft Paper Cooling Pads Production Line Equipment

  • Kraft Paper Cooling Pads Production Line Equipment
  • Kraft Paper Cooling Pads Production Line Equipment
  • Kraft Paper Cooling Pads Production Line Equipment
  • Kraft Paper Cooling Pads Production Line Equipment
  • Kraft Paper Cooling Pads Production Line Equipment
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Kraft Paper Cooling Pads Production Line Equipment
  • Duohui
  • Qingzhou, China
  • 20 Days
  • 2 Sets Per Month

Duohui Evaporate Cooling Pad Production Line Machinery is specialized in producing the cooling pad. It includes resin machine, cutting machine, corrugated machine, heating & forming machine, gluing machine, oven/solidifying machine, sawing machine, polishing machine, blending machine and electrical equipment.
We provide complete automatic cooling pad manufacturing machine, equipment and production line with complete consultancy, training and Installation services.

Products Description                                                                                                   

#7090 / #6090 / # 5090 three models of cooling pads can be produced. Configurations can be customized to satisfy your various needs.cooling pad machine

Product Specifications                                                                                                 

No.Product Name


1Resin Machine380V
120 KW
50 HZ
2Paper Cutting Machine380V0.5 KW50 HZ
3Corrugating Machine380V30 KW50 HZ
4Solidify Machine(Optional)380V60 KW50 HZ
5Gluing Machine380V1.5 KW50 HZ
6Heating Oven380V80 KW50 HZ
7Sawing machine380V3.0 KW50 HZ

--> Reasonable structure, stable operation, high efficiency

--> Increases the heating efficiency, decrease the consumption of electricity
--> High Precision & Performance Stable
--> Easy operation to reduce labor costs

Evaporative cooling pads production line is the fifth generation product of our company, which simplifies the operation process,

is easier to use and has low procurement cost.Reasonable structure, stable operation, high production efficiency.

General view of cooling pad production line. The production line covers an area of 200cbm.

Above is all the machines and process for cooling pads production.

This production line need total 5 workers and 1 group leader who control all production line.

The final output capacity of cooling pads is 60cbm per day, one tons paper can output 54/46cbm cooling pads.

Detailed Images

cooling pad production line

Resin Machine
1.High quality stainless steel to ensure never rust under high temperature condition.
2.Adopt 8 digital control, easy operation, uniform temperature, higher heating efficiency, lower electricity consumption to improve cooling pad quality.

air cooling pad making

Paper Roll Holder

The paper feeder can be used with special cooling pad resin coated paper, and our company can complete the first step of the cooling pads,

so as to save the relatively complicated process of resin machine, reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency.

cooling pad machine

Paper Cutting Machine
Optimized frame design, precision machining, stable performance, strong and durable

cooling pad production line

Corrugated Machine
Adopt wear resistant bushing which is made of special material, withstand high temperature, longer service life.

air cooling pad making

Gluing Machine&Heating Oven

Widen the gluing machine,raise the working efficiency,lower the working hardness.

The gluing machine has the advantages of fast curing speed, high bonding strength, simple operation, convenience, strong versatility and good aging resistance.

Inner circulating heating oven to achieve multi-direction heating, quick temperature rising.

High efficiency ,lower drying cost.

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