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Cooling pad raw materials Kraft paper and adhesive


Phenolic Resin

1.Curing Temperature:150℃

2.Water-adding ratio:1:3(Resin:Water)

3.Shelf Life:3 Months

4.Need refrigerated transport

Colorless Resin

1.Curing Temperature: 150℃

2.Water-adding ratio: 1:4(Resin:Water)

3.Shelf Life: 6-12 Months

4.No need refrigerated transport, But due to low strength, so only can produce air

cooler cooling pad.

Brown Kraft Paper

1.Grammage: 95/105gsm 

2.Width: 740/1100mm 

3.Tightness ≤ 0.51

4.Wet Tensile ≥ 22N

5.Suction Height (10 minutes) ≥ 50mm 

6.Moisture Content ≤ 6%

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